Making prom dreams come true


(Photo:yellow prom dresses)As teen girls stepped in front of the mirror, it was like a scene from a movie.

Standing with growing smiles on their faces, and possibly a few tears swelling in their eyes, many commented on how perfect their dresses were during the Dressing Room’s annual Prom-N-Aide event.

“To see these girls’ faces, all the hard work is worth it,” Dressing Room Manager Tammy McIntyre said. “To see these girls get excited to go to prom when otherwise they might not have been able to, is just the greatest feeling.”

The free event, which helps local girls and guys find dresses and suits, who otherwise may not be able to afford them, helped more than 100 find their perfect dress or suit for the prom.

“With hard economic times, many can’t afford the expenses that go along with prom, so here they can get everything they might need for free,” McIntyre said.

Dresses for the annual event have been collected throughout the year for the event, and donated by organizations throughout the Tri-State. While Prom-N-Aide is one of the largest events for prom dresses, McIntyre said there are dresses available throughout the year.

“If we only helped two girls, all of this would still be worth it,” McIntyre said.

While many girls where infatuated with their dresses, others also enjoyed picking out the perfect shoes and jewelry to match. Girls also had the chance to talk to makeup consultants.

“I finally found the perfect dress,” said Angel Gross as she twirled around in her red satin ballroom dress. “It fits me perfectly and matches my style. It’s just me.”

For Gross it is more than a dress. It’s a rite of passage. Since entering high school, Gross has dreamed about going to prom. With the assistance of The Dressing Room, that dream will become a reality.

“It is just amazing what they do here, and it shows they really care about the youth in the community,” Gross said. “I know I will definitely plan to give and encourage others to do the same for this great event.”

The Dressing Room was founded in 1920, and is the oldest of the nonprofits within The Neighborhood collaborative.Read more at:orange prom dresses


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