Wedding Planners Reveal Their Wildest Wedding Moments

From the most tender moments to the horrendous, gasp-inducing mishaps and everything in between, wedding planners get a front-row seat to the wild ride of a client’s wedding. We wanted to hear all about their firsthand experiences as wedding planners and specifically—let’s be real—the gnarly stuff that they’ve seen and dealt with themselves. Here’s what they told us.

A Runaway Ring

Renee Strauss, internationally acclaimed wedding expert and the founder of Wedaways, had planned a rooftop wedding in downtown Los Angeles, and everything was going according to plan until, well, it wasn’t. “The ring bearer dropped the ring, and it fell down the drainage grate on the ground,” she recalls. “Maintenance was called to the rescue, chairs were cleared, power lights were brought in, and two hours later the ring was found! The reception was scheduled for the same location as the ceremony, and, needless to say, the guests enjoyed a (much) longer cocktail hour!”

An (Almost) Underwater Reception

“Years ago, I was working on Hayman Island in tropical North Queensland, Australia. For my very first wedding, I had to do a beach celebration and set all my tables up on the beach for the dinner that was to take place after the ceremony,” says Kylie Carlson, founder of International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. “Having never done a beach wedding before, I had no idea that I was supposed to measure how far the tide came up that morning. Well, you can probably guess what happened. About 30 minutes before the guests were due, the water was getting dangerously close, and one of my team members turned around and said, ‘You did measure the tide this morning, didn’t you?’ We had to shift around 20 tables and 200 chairs pronto to make sure none of the guests were paddling! We did it by the skin of our teeth, and the bride and groom were beyond happy, but I was literally red in the face from the exertion of shifting all these round tables on sand.”

Surprise Snow Day

“One of my first outdoor weddings was a memory I will never forget. The week prior, the forecast showed a small percentage of rain, and as the week progressed, it looked more likely that we might receive some rain on their wedding day,” says Jacqueline M. Hill of Jacqueline Events & Design. “With the ceremony and reception outside, we ordered a tent for the reception. On the day of the wedding, the rain started in the afternoon, and we had to redesign the ceremony in a small room inside the venue. However, what wasn’t ever noted on the forecast was the temperature drop, which resulted in snow! A nice spring day on Friday turned to a winter wonderland with inches of snow on Saturday night. The pictures of the couple in the snow were amazing, but there wasn’t anything we could do to keep the guests from getting cold or wet. We all made the best of it, and they danced the night away in the chilly tent.”

A Bride With Cold Feet

“One of the more interesting and memorable wedding nights we have ever faced was when the bride was not willing to come out of the bathroom to walk down the aisle,” says Michael Hernandez of the Wedding Establishment. “It felt like a scene straight out of a Samuel L. Jackson movie where we had to negotiate a hostage situation! We explained to the bride that her nerves were getting the best of her, and we encouraged her to think and rethink the situation. After we got her to calm down and take some breaths, the bathroom door opened and she graciously walked down the aisle. The groom never knew what was happening, and it was extremely important we kept him at ease as well. Today, they have two beautiful kids together!»

Doggy Doody

“I am a pet lover, and I always say ‘No problem’ when a couple asks me if they can incorporate their pets in the wedding in some way. In this case, there was a beautiful ballroom, perfectly decorated in an elegant manner for the reception, and the couple wanted to make a grand entrance and have their two dogs greet them,” recalls Daniela Corti, a wedding planner for Wedaways. “Maybe it was the large group of people watching or the pups being overcome with emotion, but one of the dogs started to get squirmy. Just as the couple entered as newlyweds, he did his business in the center of the ballroom! The spotlight was on him and mouths dropped. It was quite horrifying for me and my assistants but definitely gave guests a good laugh. It will be an event that they’ll always remember!”Read more at:prom dresses | cocktail dresses


Steal these tricks from a professional makeup artist

We imagine a makeup artist as the fairy godmother/father we always wanted when we were younger. One swish of the makeup wand and suddenly you are a better version of yourself with a myriad of pretty colours. I think that’s why they are called artists. We’ve got some inside secrets that will equip you with that swish of the wand (even if it is just one swish and flick).


(Photo:evening gowns)#1

Powder is their best friend – from using it as dry shampoo to dusting it in between coats of mascara for that instant fluttery effect – translucent powder can do so much!


Your favourite lip balm or petroleum jelly can double time as a highlighter, or blur out eyeshadow for a softer look. It also makes any blush into a cream blush—just tap it on your cheeks after applying blush, then blend it out for a dewy glow.


To give any product more luminosity, just add moisturiser. Opt for a light, blendable one that mixes with foundation, concealer, and even eyeshadow or blush—the more you add, the lighter and softer the finish.


If you don’t want to go full-on matte but would still like a velvet finish, just dab a finger in an eyeshadow or blush in a warm colour, or a colour closest to the lip colour and apply it on your lips. For added finesse, set it with makeup spray!


Come summer and dewy skin is in, and aren’t we so glad. But dewy skin may not look that attractive when we have a sudden breakout and we need to cake it up a bit. Like our makeup pros, keep your facial mist handy. One spritz and you’re ready to rock and roll!


Anytime you apply foundation over dry, flaky skin, use a sponge or beauty blender to dab and blend a small amount of face oil over the problem areas for a smooth and fresh finish.


We may not count bronzer as a double-duty product but apparently, sweeping bronzer over your eyelids will give a barely there wash of colour, and make your eyes and cheeks pop in the most natural way. No makeup-makeup tips are here to stay!


If you don’t have a separate peach-toned concealer for covering under-eye bags, you can take a matte red-orange lipstick and mix it with your everyday concealer to neutralise your dark circles. Make sure you blend super WELL!


Use a clear wax brow pencil to line your lips. Makeup artists swear that it keeps feathering and fading at bay when your trusty lip liner is nowhere to be found.


Instead of going for some heavy falsies, stack two light, thin false lashes on top of each other. Just make sure their bands are thin to keep things looking natural.Read more at:formal dresses

Een dag minder voor New York Fashion Week

Het programma van New York Fashion Week wordt een dag ingekort. Dat heeft The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) besloten. De New Yorkse modeweek sluit nu af op woensdag 6 september om 18:30 uur.

Reden is dat veel bezoekers, voornamelijk inkopers, stylisten en pers, het amper nog lukt om alle shows te bezoeken. Waar het evenement vroeger gecentreerd in Bryant Park werd gehouden, zijn de shows nu verspreid over de grote stad, waardoor het meer tijd en energie kost om shows te bezoeken. Tevens kiezen steeds meer labels ervoor om hun shows voorafgaand aan de modeweek te houden. Officieel duurt New York Fashion Week van donderdag tot donderdag, maar inmiddels zijn er steeds meer labels die hun collecties op woensdag of zelfs dinsdag al presenteren.

Het officiële programma is nog niet bekend, maar diverse labels hebben al laten weten niet aanwezig te zijn bij de New Yorkse modeweek. Zo showt Proenza Schouler haar SS18-collectie in Parijs in september, en ook Rodarte wijkt uit naar de Franse hoofdstad.

Het is niet voor het eerst dat een modeweek ingekort wordt; Amsterdam Fashion Week leverde tijdens de januari ook een dag in. “Vijf dagen duurde te lang,” vertelde creatief directeur Iris Ruisch destijds aan FashionUnited.Read more at:blue prom dresses uk |

What divorce taught me about relationships

I survived a divorce in 2015 with a two-year-old and a four-year-old underfoot and an emotional minefield to wade through.

About 16 months after my former husband left, I spent five weeks at my grandmother’s bedside when she suffered a stroke. I watched my grandfather hold her hand after more than 60 years of marriage, and I lived through the raw pain of what came next when it was her time to pass on. I will never, in all my life, forget what I witnessed between the two of them.

Timing can be excruciating and painful sometimes when it feels like life hands you one heartbreak after another, but in hindsight, I can see how all these pieces were working together to teach me what I couldn’t learn any other way.

A few months after her passing, the seasons finally changed, and fall weather arrived in Georgia on the first day of October. I drove a few winding roads to my grandfather’s place that morning and accompanied him to my grandmother’s grave site to place new flowers on her grave. It would have been their 62nd wedding anniversary.

My sister and I walked the cemetery a bit with him that sunny morning and watched him take out flowers that were hardly faded and replace them with new ones. Huddled over the iron vase in the bright fall sunshine on what would have been the beginning of year 63, he carved a bit at the tough foam base of the arrangement and fit it snugly on the metal marker.

He is honest and real and can do hard things. Do men exist like that anymore? I honestly don’t know.

I remember running into an acquaintance a few months after my grandmother passed, and she asked me if my grand-dad was meeting women yet with plans of another wife. I didn’t even know what to say to that. He is in his eighties and spent a lifetime with her. There are tears in his eyes still when he talks about her sometimes, and there was not yet grass fully on her grave. Is this really how people do it now? They just skip all the hard parts and move on to the next distraction?

I have reached the two-year mark of my divorce now, and I can see that something happens to you when spend time alone and do things you never thought you could do, when you carry the impossible. I take out the trash. I sleep alone. I pay the bills. I’ve attended real estate closings alone. Weddings alone. Parent conferences alone… Soccer games alone with my chair for one. And at first it is all terrifying and depressing, but then you break through that initial moment, and it liberates you from everything that tied you before. I’m doing hard things, but I’m okay. What you want in a partner is a list that begins to change with the first passing seasons of your time by yourself, and the bar creeps a little higher each time.

And in the midst of all that, my grandmother got sick, and I watched my grandfather do all of the hardest things. The taking care and the letting go. Never once in those last days did he try to control her pace as she drifted. He just left a sacred space between them for her to do what she needed to do in order to walk on.

He is 6’2 with clear blue eyes and an uncommon steadiness and more strength and integrity than anyone I’ve ever met. I was there in June when a hospice nurse told us it would likely be less than a week or so until the end, and after the nurse left, I could hear him sobbing in the room where she was laying as I waited downstairs. Never once pushing her to abide by his own plans and always holding steady in the hard work of compassion.

I hear talk shows and see articles shared online where people talk about marriage tips and what to do when you are struggling in a partnership. I’m realizing that people think marriage is hard these days because you aren’t always happy. Because you feel tired and you work too much and the kids are always demanding something and the other person can’t make all that go away. Is that hard? Really? Because now that I’ve seen what the hard part actually is – the grieving and the accepting and the letting go – burnt dinner on the stove or noisy children or a cluttered bathroom counter don’t seem like a cause for unhappiness. Whatever «happy» means anyway; it’s always a moving target when you depend on the other person to provide it.

It’s all connected though, I think. If you can’t do the hard work of putting aside your own selfishness in the earlier years, what do the later years look like? It took 62 years to build what they had, and I understand that. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that maybe the little things are actually the big things. Honesty and integrity start with lending a helping hand and showing respect and saying I’m sorry and meaning it. If I knew then what I know now. But isn’t that always how it goes?

I’m so grateful for every bit of it – my own pain in the earliest days of discovering something that felt like a knife’s edge, the itchy pain of being alone and figuring out what it all meant after the dust settled, and even the hardest pain of watching this season happen in the lives of the couple who was always my fixed center point and likely always will be.

I never thought my 35th year would find me single. I can see that I’m a misfit in a world of speed dating and swiping right and perusing the dozens of possible matches waiting for you on your phone. But if this season of my life has taught me anything, it is to be true to yourself and value strength of character and steadiness and honesty above all else. I’m grateful for the chance to start all over and do it right. And I don’t care how long it takes. The truest pieces of a life well-built always grow slowly.Read more at:yellow prom dresses | green prom dresses uk

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

Day Two of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week was quite removed from what one now expects from an institution that has risen to the top and has promised its audience a fashion centric event that not only brings forward a great celebration of trends and designs, but also provides an environment where true creativity is not only accepted but also celebrated. The council has always prided itself with its strict selection process and one has always admired that fact, so what happened now? There was a standard of mediocrity that loomed over the runway, which only got worse with a delay of over an hour. Luckily, the council did manage to drop the curtain on time and we could only walk away from it feeling rather hopeful because of Sapphire, Shiza Hassan and sporadic glimpses of creativity here and there.

Sapphire Collection: Totem

This humble high street brand was shown in a highly luxurious form that could give any high end label a run for its money. Sapphire unveiled its luxury pret collection titled Totem that served as dessert after a long and somewhat tasteless main course of the day. With oriental embroidery, whimsically woven cranes, birds, pagodas and tigers, Sapphire adapted trends from the international runway and brought them home. It delved in the concept of high end silhouettes merging with beautifully ironic motifs and draping, making us only sit there taking notes on everything we must own from their collection. The best thing is that you’ll get what you see; this collection will filter down to Sapphire stores nationwide.

Shiza Hassan Collection: Lolita


(Photo:cocktail dresses)Shiza Hassan showcased a collection named Lolita, which was based on the style and craft movement that started in Japan in the 70s; it incorporated radical art and motifs as inspiration. Lolita boasted rich embroideries and varied embellishments on a range of fabrics including silks, organza, cottons and even leather. While her collection was one of the strongest of the day (mostly in perspective of the day being quite weak), a definite need to edit was evident because when it came to some of the pieces on the runway, a little less of everything could have made the collection look more mature and stylish. However, this was definitely a reincarnation for the brand as it could be the start of another powerhouse. That said we still wonder if we would have felt the same way if this show was on, let’s say, Day One.

Amir Adnan Collection: Revisiting Heritage


(Photo:cheap prom dresses)This was the only menswear collection of the day and while Amir Adnan has showcased some seriously good collections in the last two years, one was confused as to how this one made its way from a bridal show to a platform for ready to wear. Adnan did try to experiment with the silhouettes, which is not easy in menswear, and the collection’s name did justify its ethos but it didn’t gel well on a stage made for casual, spring and summer clothing. Revisiting Heritage was more like Amir Adnan, circa 1990.

Could star power save the day?

Internationally, celebrity A-listers usually stick to ad campaigns they have signed up for or the front row at most, that too for brands that they personally endorse or affiliate to. In this part of the world, featuring celebrities on the catwalk is a random occurrence, mostly used as a major marketing tool for designers and the celebrities themselves. One has noticed that celebrities usually make up for poor collections or at most, provide a detraction. On day two the star power was on full force for perhaps the same reason.

The cast of Chalay Thay Saath return to the catwalk

For the past three weeks, the cast of Chalay Thay Saath has been on a manic promotional tour, promoting the upcoming movie all over Pakistan. On the same streak Syra Shehroz, Kent S. Leung, Mansha Pasha and Zhalay Sarhadi walked for Shiza Hassan and not only were their youthful energies uplifting but their casual ease on the runway was surprisingly charming. Syra and Kent have an interesting chemistry that radiates whenever they are together and hopes are high for their film debut to exuberate the same charm on the big screen.

Resham and Iman Ali on the runway

Resham walked for Cynosure and Iman Ali walked for Faiza Saqlain; they gave cause for applause and appreciation. Even great stars can’t turn around a humdrum collection but nonetheless they did give us some delight on a rather undeserving day.

What happened when I cut back washing my hair to just once a week

One way to avoid grease (and also not wash your hair) is to just wash the front and dry just that section. The end ... 

(Photo:simple prom dresses)I’ve got something I want to confess, and it’s not easy for me to say but I feel like I owe it to you – and everyone else reading this – to come clean. I’m fine. I’m fine, don’t worry. I just … I’ve stopped washing my hair on the reg. I now wash once a week.

«So?» I can hear some of you non-washers shrugging at your screens from here. But I can also sense judgment, so let’s turn to an expert for back-up. Celebrity hairdresser Kevin Murphy is cool with it. Well, kind of.

«Washing your hair only once a week is only OK if you have the right hair type and use the right products on the day that you do wash your hair,» he says.

I should state that I have fairly dry hair, and I use a sulphate-free shampoo.

«You need to make sure you really cleanse away impurities and stimulate your scalp when you do wash it,» he says.

«You also need to make sure you brush your hair between washes. Doing that ensures you stimulate the scalp and move the oils away from the follicle, so you don’t get any build-up on the scalp.

«I would recommend two to three times a week at a minimum.»

OK, look. I used to wash my hair three times a week, but with two kids under three I no longer have that luxury. The difference now, apart from the kids, is that I wear my hair up almost all the time. I’m also a chronic hair-adjuster so if I’m wearing it out, I usually have my hands in it.

I’m locked in a dance of unconsciously putting it behind my ears, realising that makes me look like a dork, then fluffing it up while I casually try to put my hair in front of my ears again. Suffice to say, that generates a lot of grease, which is gross, but also the truth.

But I barely touch it when it’s up so already, the scalp grease is at a minimum. If it gets to a point of «Nude Model for Ceramics Class» I have two options. The first is dry shampoo, which is frankly awesome because it adds volume and style and smells as good as any perfume. ANY PERFUME!

The other alternative is to wash just the front. I’ve done this on days I’ve been running late for work and don’t have time to wash. You stick your head in your basin, wet just the part of your scalp where you’d head-butt a ball, use a teeny amount of shampoo all the way to the ends, then blow dry just that section. The result is Sienna Miller shagginess. A delight.

Hairdresser Joey Scandizzo gets me. «If you cleanse your scalp really well once a week and treat your hair well, washing your hair once a week is OK.»

But, he adds, «It’s good to not over-wash, but you still need to avoid getting oily build-up on your scalp as this can suffocate hair follicles and weaken hair.»

Suffocating follicles is super-dramatic, guys. I mean, I haven’t gone so far as to hop on the non-shampoo train and run off to join the «No ‘Poo movement».

Have you heard of it? It’s where you allow your hair to build to a point of greasy non-return, brush through the grease, then stand back so your hair can reboot itself as nature intended. You can read about it here. If you think it’s just for the rose quartz set, you’re wrong – it’s actually blooming, even with that (ridiculously off-putting) name. These people call themselves No ‘Pooers, (Get it? No shampoo? Ugh. I know) and they use everything from baking soda to conditioner to clean their hair.

Well, anyway – that’s not what I’m doing. Although, when the No ‘Pooers talk about how healthy your hair can become sans shampoo, they’re not lying.

If you want to try it, or if you’re already accidentally doing it, because, hi! We are all busy!Read more at:evening gowns uk

Apply red lipstick perfectly

Amanda Seyfried 

(Photo:long evening dresses)Sometimes all you need to take your look from drab to fab is a swipe of red lipstick.

Ruby lip colours are continuing to be popular with celebrities this season, with the likes of Amanda Seyfried and Reese Witherspoon rocking the bold hue on the red carpet.

Whether you choose to wear your red lips with minimal eye make-up or a full-on Hollywood glam, when it comes to pulling off a scarlet pout, preparation is key. To prime the lips, delilah creative director and former make-up artist Rupert Kingston suggests first applying a product with natural waxes, such as Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter, to the lips and buffing backward and forwards with a cotton bud.

This will help to lift all the dead dry skin, leaving the lips smooth for perfect application.

Next up, grab a nude lip liner, like delilah’s Lip Line Long Wear Retractable Lip Pencil in Naked, and line and fill in the pout.

«Nude liners work better than dark liners as these can often leave a dark, un-natural line around the lip,» Rupert told Cover Media. «You can also gently line around your cupid’s bow to give your lips a more defined shape. Avoid the common mistake of contouring outside the lip line as this can make you look overly made-up.»

Now, for the fun part – applying the red pigment. Those with warmer skintones look great in orange-reds, while people with fairer complexions can pull off pink or plum tones. But true pillar box reds, like delilah Colour Intense Lipstick in Vintage, are universally flattering.

When it comes to ensuring your lipstick stays in place during a meeting or a date, first try applying a small amount of your foundation to your lips, as this will act as a base and give something for the colour to cling to. And remember to use a lip brush when using bold hues, to ensure you apply just the right amount of product.

«Finally, an old trick from Liz Taylor, try blotting with a tissue and applying a second coat. This will lift the oils out of the lipstick, leaving just the pigment on behind,» shared Rupert. «Liz famously applied and blotted her lips 10 times before she went anywhere!»Read more at:evening gowns uk

Nicole Romano Launches “Futura” In Honor of Anthony Quinn Foundation


(Photo:plus size prom dresses)For all my Haute Living fashionistas, this Thursday, April 6, mark your calendars for a special launch of the much anticipated, “FUTURA” collection by Nicole Romano. I invite you to be a VIP guests at the star-studded event, Thursday, April 6, 2017 at Boston’s Haute Spot, Bastille Kitchen from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The King of Restaurants and Nightlife from Boston to Miami, the one and only Seth Greenberg, owner of Bastille Kitchen opens his heart and establishment called Chalet located at Bastille Kitchen, to provide the perfect setting for Nicole Romano to share her latest new and exclusive capsule collection called “FUTURA” in support of the Anthony Quinn Foundation. Seth, our mutual long-time friend says, “It truly has been so wonderful to see such passion in all of Nicole’s work through all the years I have known her. It is a privilege to support both Nicole and The Anthony Quinn Foundation. We are honored to host such a wonderful event benefitting a wonderful cause.” And that, “Nicole is passionate about the art and craftsmanship behind her work and has pledged to keep her manufacturing roots in New England where she was born and raised. Each piece is derived from a rich history of talented, local craftsmen, working with decades of tradition behind their skills. With this in mind, Nicole studied Quinn’s private artwork for a year to create the “FUTURA” collection. The result is a collection that honors the inspiration that fueled the many creative facets of Anthony Quinn.”

Celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Alicia Keys, from Rihanna to Zoe Saldana, from Rita Ora to Blake Lively, and from Diane Kruger to Steven Tyler and Kate Hudson have all had the privilege to wear and own something special by Nicole Romano. Nicole is a jewelry designer with a certain style that is specific and loved by all who have had the honor to know and wear her wonderful work. And it is an exciting collaboration that joins Nicole Romano with Katherine Quinn and Tonya Mezrich as they host this collection launch to celebrate the Anthony Quinn Foundation. The profound impact the Foundation is having on the lives of young adults across the globe needs to be celebrated and honored as this spring the Foundation celebrates its eighth consecutive year of awarding scholarships to high school students to pursue their passion in the arts. And it is imperative to honor the arts in every way possible – and to empower young people and give them opportunities to be creative and nurture artistic talent. As Katherine Quinn puts forth, “It’s such an honor working with someone as talented as Nicole, who is living proof of how one person’s creativity can have an impact on so many lives. Anthony would have been so thrilled to know that his work inspired this collection that will help support the young artists of the future.” And as Jason Varitek, Red Sox Hall of Famer who is not only a friend, but also supporter, says, “Keeping the arts alive means keeping imagination alive for our children.” Furthermore, Jason plans to attend this special event in honor of Nicole and the Anthony Quinn Foundation as he shares that as a proud father, his own 17 year old daughter Ally Varitek has been involved in the arts since she was young and in fact, had been cast as the star of her high school production of “Legally Blonde.” So therefore, he wants to help and to make sure to give back and support the arts by supporting the Anthony Quinn Foundation’s efforts. I had the privilege and pleasure to chat with Nicole Romano as she shared who inspires her and why and to talk more about this special collection, the Anthony Quinn Foundation and so forth. I invite you to come meet Nicole and see her amazing new collection on Thursday and be ready to not only build you jewelry collection, but do so while giving back – and helping Katherine Quinn’s mission to help raise funds for the Anthony Quinn Foundation – all for a good cause – the arts!!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by individuals who leave a creative and cultural legacy long after they are gone. Maria Felix is a good example; her individuality and inimitable style separated her from the rest. She was a true jewelry connoisseur and lived by no one’s rules but her own.

What inspires you?

Stories, history, found objects, emotions, the weather.. Anything and everything that moves me, it can be a person or as simple as a grain of sand.

What is your favorite color?

I have never met a color I didn’t love.

What can one expect to see Thursday, April 6th as you launch your Futura Collection at Chalet at Bastille Kitchen in Boston?

One will walk through a timeline of inspiration starting from the actual pieces of art by Anthony Quinn that fueled my inspiration for the FUTURA collection. I will be present to share my story of inspiration and design while enjoying Bastille Kitchen’s famous artisan cocktails.

What inspired you to participate and launch your jewelry collection at Chalet in Boston?

It’s important to me that the launch takes place in New England for many reasons. I was born and educated in New England. My jewelry is entirely handmade in Providence by manufacturers who come from generations of jewelry craftsmen. Most importantly, Anthony Quinn created a great deal of his artwork here. Seth Greenberg’s gorgeous space in Fort Point is the perfect for the showcase for this collection launch. His artistic talents have been the benchmark of numerous, successful hospitality ventures. The Chalet at Bastille Kitchen is the perfect example of this thinking.

March was women’s history month, who are the three women who inspire you the most?

Mary Alice Stephenson who is a renowned fashion and beauty expert, humanitarian and the founder and force behind GLAM4GOOD. She has been the recipient of many awards and honors for her dedication and work building GLAM4GOOD including Life Camp’s Deepak Chopra Visionary Award, Most Innovative People Award by The United Nation’s World Summit Of Innovation and many more..

Fashion visionary, Patricia Field, who looks at the world in a different stylistic prism and has changed the way women dress.

My mother who has taught me inner strength, unconditional love, the importance of hard work and of course, how to apply mascara.

Who is your favorite artist?

My father, whose paintings sit on the walls of my NYC showroom.

Who is your Favorite musician? Your favorite music?

My music choices span from classic rock to Rihanna. I love mashups and unexpected covers.

What is the story you are sharing through your work in this collection?

I am sharing the effects art has on mankind. In this case, it has inspired me to create a collection with a higher purpose. The collection tells a story of my studies on Quinn’s estate. Step by step, the details of geometric fluidity and focused movement transcended into my jewelry. This collection is a vehicle giving the gift of education to young adults with a focused vision and drive towards their passion in the arts.

What is your favorite place in Boston?

Scooting around the harbor in a Water Taxi.

What is your typical day look like?

I am grateful to say that no day is typical and work can mean many different things.. Working can mean sketching on a beach in Costa Rica or speaking to high school students pursuing fashion vocations.. It can mean rolling my sleeves up at the factory and spend hours sorting through gemstones for a new collection. The one thing that happens everyday is I write out multiple, color coded, bolded and underlined “things to do” lists. If you know me, you know my lists.

Favorite Charity? I know the event is not only to honor you in launching your divine collection, but also to raise funds for and honor the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program, what is the precise goal of the event and what exactly does this charitable organization do? In what way can my readers participate and join in to help the efforts toward generating greater success?

Thank you! This evening is about appreciating Anthony Quinn’s artistic contribution to us. It is about celebrating the impact his work still has on the younger generations pursuing the arts.

Anthony Quinn Foundation, founded by his wife Katherine Quinn, creates and administers innovative programs to advance the idea that art, in all its forms, is essential to learning and the enrichment of the mind. Our mission is to advocate for the important role arts education plays in personal development and in the overall improvement of social, economic and cultural systems. Central to the pursuit of the Foundation’s mission is the life story of Anthony Quinn.  His artistic legacy inspires young adults; learning about the challenges of his youth and the ways in which he overcame them helps inspire confidence in their own creative potential.

The evening of the 6th will be the official collection unveiling and guests can shop while 100% of the proceeds will go to the Foundation. Our goal at the event is to sell out of the collection! If your readers are unable to attend our event, I am excited to announce the collection will go live on – April 10th!

Favorite Fitness Activity? Favorite Fitness Facility in Boston?

Yoga has remained and important and meaningful part of my life… but so has killer work outs that challenges me every time. Core Power Yoga is this marriage made in heaven.

Do you practice Yoga and/or Meditation?

Yes and yes. Both have thought me to be peaceful and fearless at the same time.

Your favorite theatre?

Charles Playhouse.

Albeit, the event is at Bastille Kitchen, one of Boston’s best restaurants, question, what is your favorite dish at Bastille Kitchen and in addition to Bastille Kitchen, your favorite restaurant? Favorite Food?

Moules Marinière while sipping a Genevieve! Other than Bastille Kitchen, Reno’s is one of my favorite neighborhood gems. I love culinary adventures!

What is your most memorable experience in Boston?

The two most memorable experiences were when Red Sox Hall of Famer Jason Varitek wore a Nicole Romano bracelet during his Boston Red Sox retirement speech and when Steven Tyler wore a Nicole Romano bracelet during hand impression ceremony, making Rock & Roll history. This cement in now front of the “Aerosmith House” at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue – where the band lived in the 70s.

Your one year goal?

My one year goal is to continue growing my ecommerce business with new divisions such as charity, men’s bridal and home décor.

Your five year goal?

To be somewhere, doing something that I couls not even imagine right now.

And most important message that you want to share with my Haute Living readers?

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Australia fell in love with it’s second Bachelorette, Georgia Love, when she graced our screens last year being serenading by men whilst we could watch from our living rooms. In our modern world, this role reversal is an increasingly popular perspective showing that woman can choose their man.

Recently meeting up with the former bachelorette in Sydney in her official role as ambassador for the beloved skincare range Palmers, we got chatting about modern day romance where woman can make the rules, her favourite beauty tips and tricks and how she decided who deserved her final rose.

“I think it’s a great thing that this show exists and that we do that. In this day and age it’s not all about the girls having to line up and let the prince choose them. I love that this show flips that on its head, that’s what 2017 is, that’s what the world is now.”

The big controversy from the show was Matty J’s heartbreak, who Australia had decided was Georgia’s prince charming, only to discover Lee had won over her heart at the final rose ceremony.

“The only thing i’ll ever say about the editing is that in the last few episodes they just hid Lee away a bit. There was a very obvious connection between us that was electric and that didn’t really come across. I think that was i think was for that, oh who is she going to pick, who is it going to be moment. That’s the nature of television”.

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Nicki Minaj signs to Wilhelmina Models

Nicki Minaj is «thrilled» to have signed a contact with Wilhelmina Models.

The 34-year-old rapper is familiar with the modelling world, having previously fronted campaigns for the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Adidas.

But she’s now making her passion for posing official, as confirms the star has signed a contract with Wilhelmina under its celebrity division.

«I love the synergy between my music and how it inspires my fashion,» Nicki gushed. «My message is always about celebrating your own style. I’m thrilled and honoured to have signed with Wilhelmina. They get me.»

The Super Bass singer posted a screen grab of the announcement on her Twitter page, which featured a sexy black and white snap of her posing in a bejewelled headdress.

«Oh yea (sic). That too. thank you #Vogue for breaking this story. Honored to be @wilhelminamodels,» she captioned the picture, which was also uploaded by Wilhelmina’s official account.

When Nicki isn’t busy with her music career she can often be found at glitzy events and always turns heads when sitting front row at fashion shows. Known for her willingness to break style boundaries, her stylist Maher Jridi recently praised her for taking risks with her outfits, such as the breast-baring ensemble she wore to the Haider Ackermann presentation in Paris.

«She’s very open to new ideas and I feel like she trusts my taste,» he told Billboard. «Of course, she has her preferences, but she never opposes anything just because she’s never done it before.»

Nicki has also dipped her toes into the world of beauty over the years, having launched her fragrance line back in 2012, and collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and OPI Nail Polishes on various collections.Read more at:mermaid prom dresses | pink prom dresses